Learn About Teeth Whitening

An attractive and magnetic white smile is the key to looking and feeling top notch while communicating with others!

The color of our teeth plays an important role in our lives. Your coworkers, partners and even the cashiers at the local store are paying attention to your teeth. People mostly tend to look at the other person’s face, mouth, and eyes during the conversation.

Whiter teeth help to achieve a healthy & more pleasant visual appearance.

Subconsciously, people favor the whiter teeth over the yellowish teeth. Because white teeth are associated with the youth, health, and energy!

Mango Smiles Teeth Whitening Seattle Everett Kirkland Bellevue Issaquah Snohomish Shoreline

Mango Smile Teeth Whitening Seattle Everett Kirkland Bellevue Issaquah Shoreline

After Teeth Whitening:

It’s recommended to avoid the consumption of dark and yellowish foods and drinks during the first 2 days after teeth whitening. This will help you maintain your new whiter smile.

Rule of Thumb: if it will stain your clothes, then it will stain your teeth!


Whitening is not a permanent solution. The stains will come back. If you smoke or consume a lot of staining foods or drinks, you may see the whiteness start to fade in as little as one month. If you avoid these sources of staining, you may not need another whitening treatment for 6 to 12 months.
It’s recommended to refresh your smile using our 15-minute session every 6 months.

Who Can Benefit From Teeth Whitening?

Anyone with a healthy mouth should benefit from a teeth whitening treatment.

However, if you have gum disease or other dental problems, your dentist may decide that teeth whitening will not be suitable until successfully treated.

You should also be aware that teeth whitening will only work on natural teeth; false teeth, crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers will be unresponsive to the process. This could potentially leave your teeth with uneven coloration.

If you have decalcification (white spots) on your teeth, these might actually become more noticeable after bleaching. It’s important that during the pre-treatment consultation you understand the need and cost for additional treatment to replace crowns, veneers, and fillings.

If your gums have receded, the exposed roots of your teeth may appear yellow or discolored. The whitening product will not make them whiter.

If you have tooth decay or receding gums, whitening may make your teeth sensitive. Whitening also does not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers.


Our teeth whitening is safe and presents no serious side effects, although some people’s teeth may become more sensitive for a short while. You may get mild gum irritation as well. Women should not have their teeth whitened while pregnant. The effect of the whitening materials on the development of the fetus is not known. Since the procedure is cosmetic, it should be postponed until after delivery.

– Open 7 days a week! By Appointment Only! No registration required!

– Up to 8 shades whiter smile in one hour or less! 

– Starting at only 39.99 for a 15-minute teeth whitening session!

– Immediate Results Guaranteed!

Mango Smile Teeth Whitening Seattle Everett Kirkland Bellevue Issaquah Shoreline

For any questions please contact us at smile@mangosmiles.com

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